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    One of four children, Dipika Rai was born and educated in India. Her gypsy spirit was cultivated at a young age when she travelled throughout the country in a trusty Ambassador with her family, bumping into all sorts of characters: river pirates, princesses, tribal elders, poachers and petty politicians. After securing an MBA and doing time in the corporate world of banking, she returned to her subliminal love: writing. She moved to Bali, freelanced for 30 magazines around the globe and had a marvellous time exploring both her creative energies and new cultures. Once her children were born, it was time to stay at home. Unable to relinquish the gypsy in her, she continued to wander, but this time in a world at her desk. This world and the people in it came together to form her first novel ‘Someone Else’s Garden’.
    July 10, 2014
    Personal Information
    Favorite poets:
    T.S. Eliot, Emily Dickenson, Warren Zevon, Tom Waits, Omar Khayyam
    Favourite singers/bands:
    Tom Waits, The Smiths, David Byrne, Annie Lennox, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Omar Khayyam
    Favourite movies:
    Far from the Madding Crowd, Cinema Paradiso, Man of La Mancha
    Personal Interests:
    Writing, Cooking, Gardening, Poetry, hand embrodiery